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Things we shouldn’t take for granted

If you were in some of the most affected countries from the COVID-19 maybe you already consider the little freedoms we have for granted.

We have been in strict lockdown for more than three months, and I am sure we all realise how the freedom of going out seemed so ridiculous three months ago, but now I cannot wait not to need to fill a certificate and explain myself to the police… Or to check if I passed the 1km range when I walk my dog.

I always thought I value the little things in life, but I will start to value our freedoms also.


Electricity and everything that comes with it.

I can imagine life without it, but I would never wish to experience it. If you think about it, we are so used to electricity that I had people who have turned to me and asked me why when they have a power cut their internet is down ” as they have wi-fi” apparently the device they use does not go over the electric wire. I wonder if we experience electricity cut for a week, how will some people even feed themselves. And let’s not forget that at the moment everything we use for communication with our families and friends is also powered by electricity. Would you make it a week without your phone?



Water will not be hard to heat if you lack the hot water, but what if we had no access to clean drinking water?

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Something very essential in our everyday life. No matter if you use public transportation that can be very well developed in some countries or you choose to use a bike, car, or even a plane, we take this for granted. I regret to see that many people depend so much on their vehicles nowadays. I know in some places public transport is not developed and the car is considered a necessity. We choose not to own a car for now as Paris has fantastic public transportation. It will undoubtedly be more comfortable to have one, but for now public transport, walking and bikes are enough. Cars are more of a luxury choice, and some people forget this. Although I honestly do not wish to imagine life without planes and trains. We fly a lot unfortunately due to work, for vacation or just to visit family and I don’t think I can make it 3-4 days for one way trip to see my family if we had no aeroplanes.


Flora,Fauna and the sun

Think about that now! Respect nature and all her quirky creations. Be grateful for the air you breathe. I am not the proper person to speak, and I am sure for some people I might be a sinner probably. I occasionally eat meat, and I don’t have a fully sustainable life, but the way I see it we don’t need millions of vegans who would still buy plastic more than someone that eats meat but is trying to limit their plastic use. Or someone that eats meat and argue why eating meat is right for you. We need to unite, and all try to help however we can to protect the only habitat we have,


Everything else around us.

The roof over your head, our families, books, the education we receive. medicine, the time our health and many more.

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