Spring cleaning Checklist

I don’t know about you, but once spring is here, I feel this warm feeling in my body. I don’t like to get out much, but in spring it’s different. All trees and flowers are blooming, people are less cranky, and we love going out for long walks in the park with our dog. I am sure we all feel the same about spring.

As everything is growing and appears so clean and colourful outside, I feel the urge to declutter my house. We all collect a lot of non-essential items throughout, autumn and winter, many of which we don’t need. Or maybe you still have some belongings at the back of the closet that you never use, admit it we all do it, it’s time to let all those go. There are many benefits to owning fewer possessions, and you may feel better once you declutter your whole living space. I live by the idea of resisting the entire Diderot effect. Always try to think before buying something spontaneously because often we are lead by the consumption trends. This way, we end up buying a lot more things instead of what we need. If I buy something new I will let go on something old, and when I am in doubt of letting something go, I will ask myself the following questions:

-When was the last time I needed it that?

-Can this be of use for anyone else?

-Can I use it in future and will I?

Once you finish, you will have less stuff to clean and organise weekly, and for me, I feel enormous relief. I prefer to do this a few times a year because it is like decluttering my mind somehow. And I always think donating everything you no longer use is excellent. It can be something small, but it can still help somebody else. Here there are many groups for buying/selling/giving for free items. I often take photos of everything I no longer need, and I can give it to someone who wants it or wait for the donation collection in my neighbourhood.

I take a day to clean, organise and check one room at a time. I feel if you try to do this on a specific day, it never works. One day is nearly not enough to properly do spring cleaning and organise your flat/house. So I came up with something simple that can maybe help you. I live by planning and organising everything in my life. Therefore I always create a simple checklist for everything I intend to do. A checklist keeps me on track, and if you accurately list your tasks, you will get more done than just wondering around the house cleaning random areas. Do not forget to start cleaning the room left to right and from the highest point, this way you are avoiding dust in already cleaned areas.

Here is my simple checklist, the one I created is mostly for smaller living spaces, but if you live in a larger flat I think you may need a more significant list.

Download the PDF

Some other things I may have missed in my initial check list are:

-Donate kids outgrown clothes and toys. People tend to buy a lot of toys for their children, and the kids often stop using their older toys.

-Clean and organise your Garage

-Clean your doormats

-Polish all wooden furniture

-Remove and clean all your carpets

-Clean mirrors around the house

-Clean all your cutting boards thoroughly

  • And the last the biggest problem of every household try matching all socks you find around the house

After you finish all your cleaning, think about decluttering your everyday electronics – arranging photos, deleting unnecessary files, re-arranging all apps, etc. People forget to organise their electronics often, and your phone is the device you use the most!

Do you have different approach, if yes what is it?

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