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4 Unique Hummus Recipe Flavors

I don’t know why but I always had this idea in my head that hummus will have a bad taste. When I was younger I disliked both tahini and chickpeas. So it was only logical I wouldn’t like something that is made from both..

Hummus was not so widely served in the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, or perhaps I never tried it. For my family it was almost impossible to make me try new food when I was younger. My poor mother, I wonder sometimes how did she managed to keep her patience with me 😀 . If I thought something will taste bad there is no chance I will try it. Actually to this day I haven’t tried the majority of the French cheeses…. They have such a strong smell and there is no chance I will do this to my taste receptors, no matter how long I live here.

Although you should never say never, right?

I think once I started living Paleo 3 years ago I became more open on tying new foods. This was the same time I cut off completely cacao of my diet. Oh Yes I did! It’s been more than 3 years now and I haven’t tasted anything with chocolate ( white or dark) or general anything that have traces of cacao powder or butter. Best decision of my life.

This was the green light for my body to finally experience good food and for me to become creative with my meals. Like all things different from Chocolate. I was one of those people who will not touch a dessert if it did not contain chocolate. So I cannot be more happy that I changed this. 

Once I tried hummus I actually liked it, but it was too plain somehow and with bitter taste. So after checking with Mr. Google, I started making my own hummus. 

Why would you buy something that it is soo simple and fast to make? 

The whole idea of Paleo lifestyle is also to eat non process food meaning, you make it or you simply don’t eat it. 

The hummus is made primarily from Chickpeas, Tahini, lemon juice, garlic and oil. Tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds and it has some different variations depending on the sesame seeds it can be raw or roasted (light roast or dark). I like the lighter one as it is not that bitter and it’s also the easiest to find. 

Green Hummus

You will see I don’t put oil in my version because I think the chickpeas and the tahini are already too creamy and fatty. Instead if need it I can put some of the canned chickpeas water or the water from canned roasted peppers, you can also put 1-2 tbsp of water. 

There are number of nutrition benefits from eating hummus because the chickpeas are packed with loads of nutrients. Rich on vitamins from the group B, another ones are vitamins A and K. Also rich on minerals like Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc and Phosphorus. Mixed with the tahini it is super rich on plant-based protein and let’s not forget the fibers. 

For me one of the best benefit is the low glycemic index, meaning your blood sugar will not rise rapidly after eating it. Something that happens a lot from mostly process foods and sugary treats. 

So let start with the main ingredients you will need, depending on how much hummus you won’t to make. 

1 can of Chickpeas or Dried chickpeas 

You can use both but if you have dried chickpeas make sure to pre-soak them for at least 4 to 24 hours before you use them.

2-3 tbsp Tahini Sesame 

1-2 lemon -I love lemons I have special drawer in my fridge reserved only for lemons and I use for 1 canned chickpeas 1 to 2 lemons depending on size. But if you are not sure maybe put half lemon and then adjust to taste.

2-5 cloves of Garlic – adjust to taste 

Salt and pepper to taste.

I always put cumin, for me it just works with the tahini and chickpeas, but if you don’t like it just skip it. 

Once you have the primary ingredients now is the time to decide what flavour you wish to add. 

Some of my favourites are : 

-Avocado+ spinach


-Roasted peppers 

-Roasted aubergine 


-Sweet potato 

-Caramelised onions 


All in all, hummus is a super simple, healthy and delicious addition to your diet

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