Creating Healthy Habits

How to create a Healthy Habits

We all have that vision in our head of who we’d love to be. Fit, active, free from pain and health conditions. But getting from here to there is tough,

You’re not alone! I have so many years experience with untasteful attempts.

When people set out to improve their health, they often think about action. Eat better, meditate, run more. But the truth is that getting healthy starts in your head. The most important thing is creating a better relationship with yourself, or at least for me this is still very difficult.

Regular things we do like brushing our teeth or going to the gym can become habits. Repetitive behaviors that make you feel good can affect your brain in ways that create habits. Habits often become automatic—they happen without much thought.

I know I have struggled with creating new habits, so I came up with a few steps that may help some of you:

1. Start with realistic goals

We know that making healthy choices can help us feel better and live longer. Maybe you’ve already tried to eat better, get more exercise or sleep, quit smoking, or reduce stress. It’s not easy.

That is why is important to make a plan that includes small, reasonable goals and specific actions you’ll take to move toward them.

2. Focus to the long-term goal

Short-term solutions, like seven-day diet or 21-day fitness challenge, are designed to jumpstart healthy living and produce rapid results. But they’re often not feasible for the long-term. More often, as soon as you finish and go back to your regular habits you can actually cause more damage to your body and health.

The key to getting healthy It’s about creating sustainable long term changes.

3. Stay Consistent..

Developing long-term healthy habits doesn’t mean you have to give up all of the ‘bad’ stuff entirely or forever.

Contrary to every sports reference, here slow and steady wins the race. Small, incremental steps are the best way to move towards your goals with success.

If you’re trying to get more physically active, start with a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood a few times a week. If you want to reduce stress, trying Yoga or Meditation for 10 minutes once a week. You may think this sounds too easy, but over time, you can increase your efforts and enjoy the benefit of these healthy activities without feeling that the journey was such a struggle.

4. Don’t rely on your motivation

The key to deal with low motivation is to anticipate and set up strategies in advance to help you cope. Post reminders, ask for support and create backup plans. And, of course, remind yourself that motivation can plummet and that you just need to roll with it and keep going. The motivation will return, especially as you start to feel the benefits of your new behaviors.

5. Avoid setting deadlines.

This advice differs from the notion of setting a timetable for your goals, which is important when you’re setting out to achieve a measurable aim like losing a certain percentage of your body fat or increasing the distance you’re able to run. “If you are seeking to make changes to your body by reaching a certain goal, there is the notion that the behaviors that support those changes have an expiration date

Instead of deadline create a schedule,

6. Find the joy

A healthy life shouldn’t feel like so much damned work. If it does, then you’ll likely not stick with your new habit for too long.Rather than taking some generic route to health, figure out what you can do to support a healthy life that also fits your personality, and empowers and excites you

You’re never too out of shape, too overweight, or too old to make healthy changes. Try different strategies until you find what works best for you.

Small changes can make a big difference in how you feel in your daily life.Stay consistent and before you know it, your days will be brighter and your goals will come into focus.

What are the habits you struggle to build?


  1. Ntombi

    Such a fresh perspective you brought in with the concept of “Relationshipping with yourself” 🙌🏾

    That really hit home for me and somehow got me thinking about healthy habits, in new way. Thanks for sharing some useful nuggets too!

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