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Things happen when you least expect them. For example I would have never considered moving to France and yet the opportunity came to me out of nowhere one day.Similar is the case here, as Israel was not in our travel list for this year, but my husband sent here urgently for a few weeks due to work. So I decided that this was a sign, and I shouldn’t miss this opportunity so I decided to tag along. 

So here is how the story begins.

We landed on Saturday evening after 5 hour flight, and everything was closed as it was Shabat so if you are planning your travel bear this in mind.We did manage to find a Japanese restaurant (Japanika) which was open. I think we were lucky because it was also very delicious.We kept coming back every other night there.

The next day we woke up early and decided to start exploring the city of Tel Aviv.I did make some plans ahead of what should we visit, but my main wish was just to walk around and explore random streets and mix with the locals.

When you read for Israel often, the information is wrong and advises you how dangerous it is but honestly I felt so much safer than many other places, even Paris where I live for the past 5 years.

My first day was amazing I walked31km around Tel Aviv just exploring the city on foot.

Going around Tel Aviv can be very easy, if you do not wish to walk you can use public transport.You will need to buy a card called Rav-Kav which is reusable contactless stored value smart card for making electronic payments in public transportation. 


Walking is by far the most pleasant way to get around the city. Because Tel Aviv isn’t big, getting from one end to the other won’t take you much more than an hour. With great weather year-round, walking is a great way to get some vitamin D and exercise. Finding your way is very easy with Google Maps. If you don’t have a cell phone service when you’re here, turn on just GPS or download an offline map and you’re good to go!

Bike around

Tel Aviv is extremely bike friendly, and pretty much everyone in Tel Aviv goes around by bike.Biking lanes connect the entire city, and bikes can be rented at pretty much every corner.

Rent Scooter

Tel Aviv has variety of ways for transportation and one is the electric scooter. The service allows riders to pick up scooters anywhere and ride them for as long as necessary. Riders are charged per minute, and everything is done through the company’s app on a smartphone.

I really felt at home in Tel Aviv, just the way the streets are and the culture of the people.I would not consider moving in Israel as still this is much more religious country for my taste, but I felt comfortable and safe for the timebeing in Tel Aviv.I guess I should have known that I would have fallen for Tel Aviv, because how can you not love cities by the sea.I think there is something special about this kind of cities.65B384EE-C2D1-4C87-BC03-77FAB3D03C54_1_105_c

Tel Aviv is blessed with really good urban beaches. Whether for a simple walk along the waterfront during the fall or spring season or a dip in the clear Mediterranean waters when the temperatures rise, going to the beach is among the things to do in Tel Aviv for either fun and relaxation. I noticed that bunch of them was also pet-friendly! I can say overall Tel Aviv is pet friendly and there was dogs everywhere I went. 


It was already the late afternoon on our first day when my husband, who was just finishing work joined me. He came at the best time as the sun started setting, the light was simply stunning and we could not get enough of it. We both were so happy to dip our feet in the water, whenever we go somewhere sunny and nice, nothing can keep us away from the water. The water was very chilly still, I guess as even though it is 20 degrees it is still February.

Now we had completely lost track of time just talking and just enjoying the lovely colors in the sky. It was time to walk back and find something for dinner as we were both starving. 

The light is special at sunrise and sunset, so I am really happy we got to see it not once but almost every night we were there. Indeed, one of the nicest things to do in Tel Aviv is admiring the sunset along the waterfront.

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