Experience the French Pastries


Following my post for the boulangeries is only logical we speak about pastries now.

You can find this amazing deliciousness in every boulangerie. This is what I meant on the last post and said, that I am lost every time when I enter the bakery.

The only thing that can beat the smell of warm bread, is the amazing pastries.

There is a huge variety of pastries and I will try to give you some examples. Because if it is not a “Tartine” breakfast (baguette with butter and jam ) it will be coffee with a croissant or some pastry.
Pastries are everywhere and I honestly feel like they are calling for me every time when I pass by a “Pâtisserie” or “Viennoiseries“.

Experience the French Pastries

I honestly think you can spend at least 30 min looking and trying to choose your pastry. Let’s begin with the basic, I am sure you have all heard of the beloved “Pain au Chocolat” and croissant.

The “Pain aux raisins” is a variation on the croissant, with sugar and raisins. There’s also the “Chasson aux pommes” (my personal favorite) it’s a buttery dough with apple puree inside.

The “Éclairs” are very light filled with cream and topped with different kind of icings and different flavors of the cream.

Tarte aux fruits ” always look gorgeous and it can be made from all kinds of fruit. Most often you can see tarts with seasonal fruits. The variety is so huge that you can hardly find tarts that look exactly the same in the different.

And of course, the popular French Macaron originally made with almond powder and the typical filling will be buttercream, ganache and sometimes jam. As the Macaron is so popular, I think every pastry chef has included some secrets in the making.


Experience the French Pastries
Which one is your favorite and where did you taste it for the first time?
Bon app!

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