Experience the Boulangeries

There is something about French bread that we all seem to love. Bread is so ingrained in the country’s traditions that to visit a boulangerie and queue with the locals is truly one of the great cultural and gastronomic experiences of France…
The smell of fresh cooked bread, the sound of the crust cracking softly as the baguettes cool down, this is what makes people’s eyes light up. 
In Paris there are Boulangeries in every street corner (for real) and every parisien will know where to find the best bread in the “quartier”.
When we moved here I was advised to check all the closest Boulangeries, and then choose THE ONE. Once you have chosen your Boulangerie you cannot cheat on it with another one. I mean it’s ok for the president to cheat on his wife, but not on his Boulanger, NEVER. If you do they will know, they can just smell the baguette on your fingers and see the guilt in your eyes. French people are very serious about their boulangeries 
The best bakeries are the so called “Artisan Boulanger” because they bake the bread on the premises. As some bakeries just sell the bread or pastry that was baked elsewhere, or also frozen ones. To be honest just look around and if there is a huge line, I know it must be good.
Whenever you enter in the boulangerie you can get lost, for real. There are many varieties of bread and pastries.I am always lost as I mostly want everything. While waiting on the line try to make your choice as everything is happening so quickly.
Normally boulangeries can produce around 2000 baguettes per day, and yes everything is being sold.
Once you take your baguette, you can head off to some park or just sit around Seine and enjoy the home-made deliciousness. There is no certain time to enjoy the baguette, but you will see each morning and evening the lines in front of the boulangeries are huge.
Have you been to French bakery?  What was your experience? 
If you are planning a trip to Paris, definitely visit some of these boulangeries: 
La Gambette à pain 
Benoît Maeder
Maison Landemaine
Au petit Versaille du marais 
I am sure there are many more to explore as each has different history, therefore they are all worth trying. 


  1. Everything On A Plate

    Just the sound of it is so delicious… The thought of the aroma of freshly cooked bread makes us hungry

  2. HB

    Love this! Pictures are amazing too. Did anyone else get extremely hungry after reading this?? Wish I could visit right now.

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