My grumpy moving to Paris Part 2

This is my second post about me moving to Paris. You can find my first post here

” Whats the worst thing that could happen”! That you will be alone in a new country and culture and be surrounded by people you don’t know, wishing you never moved. 
I did try to be positive before my move as I was coming alone.My husband and our dog were going to follow me in 4-5 months time. And really how bad is that… I would have the time to settle in and prepare everything for his move also. 

In preparation for the move, I tried to stay positive as I wasn’t sure if I will like it or hate it. I made my best to be more neutral and to not make assumptions about the life here. One thing I knew for sure, I was out of my comfort zone.

So now the fun part begins Start Planning!

How long you would wish to stay here also? 

If you have decided to move here, you need to plan ahead. The first thing you need is an apartment, insurance, and bank account.

You need to figure out what can be the maximum price that you can allow per month. I am saying this mainly because the price can vary depending on the area.

I was very lucky as I had my company to help me with arranging my apartment and bank.

And so the only thing left for me was to actually pack my luggage and board on the plane.

….Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but with the opportunity to live here come many unexpected obstacles or delights that you wish you knew before came to here. So definitely research!

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