My grumpy moving to Paris Part 1

There were times when I got so caught up in the idea of moving abroad, that when the life gave me this chance it was one of the most ridiculous things that have ever happened to me. But without a doubt, I decided to take the opportunity. For sure Paris has never been one of my top wanted destinations. Even though I speak French, but I am no fashion guru, I like wine, but I am no skinny or a beauty, I definitely am a foodie but I don’t understand art like most of the people who are moving here. 

So my story began in 2015 when the company I work for, decided to offer me to move to Paris, France and work from here permanently. As a person who was looking for a way to leave home, I really considered this as an amazing chance. After all not just to move, but move with arranged job LOL! 

My boyfriend (who is my husband now) was already kind of aware that the company will look for someone with French. And luckily on my team, there was nobody who spoke french except me.The same night when I went home I told him and not surprisingly his first reaction was ” ah not a chance ” 😄 !!! Completly understandable of course. You are saying to someone “Let’s move to a totally different country just like that… crazy I know “.

So after some consideration and speaking with our families and friends we decided that this is indeed one-time chance, and after all, there is nothing to lose! We could always go back if we hate it, right?

So what I am saying is we should go out of our comfort zone, in order to find that one place you feel at home. If it doesn’t work, that’s fine just enjoy the time and use it as an experience. 😉

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