Experience with Paleo

All right, fellows, summer is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start making plans about getting in shape and talk about health. I love all of you who have the perfect shape without making any effort (and maybe I envy you bit) but regrettably, I do not fit in these percentage… Continue reading Experience with Paleo

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Experiance the Food Markets

It is amazing to come and visit Paris, for the architecture and culture .....but to truly experience the City of Light like a local, walk through one of its food markets. There are few experiences more French than food shopping in Paris food markets. Markets offer a wide choice of fresh and organic produce, with fruit and vegetables,… Continue reading Experiance the Food Markets


Earth Day 2018

If everybody change just a little bit we can achieve a lot

Quintessentially Me

Hi guys, happy Earth Day! This is a post I’ve been rather excited about writing the past few days actually, as I am quite passionate about preserving and bettering the planet we live on, as we all say, we do only have one!

Today’s blog is going to be a little different, but still something so close to my heart. This comes after my success and feedback from my first post Money Saving Tips for Students, which can be found by clicking on the blue link in this sentence (you might surprise yourself with some of my tips!). So many tips and hacks that are like a second nature to me were unknown to so many of you who messaged me surprised, so here are my ones on how you can reduce your environmental footprint and help save our planet!


Simple one really, but I…

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My Grumpy Move

My Grumpy Moving to Paris Part 3

So, the time has finally come and I packed all my bags and left my friends and family at the airport on the way to a new journey. I landed on Sunday and I went to work on Monday.  I had no time to waste. I needed  to sort everything  after work as soon as… Continue reading My Grumpy Moving to Paris Part 3

Experience Paris

Experience the French Pastries

Following my post for the boulangeries is only logical we speak about pastries now. You can find this amazing deliciousness in every boulangerie. This is what I meant on the last post and said, that I am lost every time when I enter the bakery. The only thing that can beat the smell of warm bread, is… Continue reading Experience the French Pastries

Experience Paris

Experience the Boulangeries

          There is something about French bread that we all seem to love. Bread is so ingrained in the country’s traditions that to visit a boulangerie and queue with the locals is truly one of the great cultural and gastronomic experiences of France… The smell of fresh cooked bread, the sound… Continue reading Experience the Boulangeries

My Grumpy Move

My grumpy moving to Paris Part 2

                                    This is my second post about me moving to Paris. You can find my first post here" Whats the worst thing that could happen"! That you will be alone in a new country and culture and be surrounded by people you… Continue reading My grumpy moving to Paris Part 2

My Grumpy Move

My grumpy moving to Paris Part 1

There were times when I got so caught up in the idea of moving abroad, that when the life gave me this chance it was one of the most ridiculous things that have ever happened to me. But without a doubt, I decided to take the opportunity. For sure Paris has never been one of my top… Continue reading My grumpy moving to Paris Part 1